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Friday, January 7, 2011

Casual Fridays: For the love of alleys.

Alley art in the Annex, Toronto. 
Hi guys, it's Britt. Today I want to write about stepping off the beaten path and into the back alleys of a city. Of course it's important to use your head, (venturing down one in the middle of the night is not the best of ideas), but I absolutely love exploring alleys in the daytime. 

Here's the thing that you may or may not know. There's a whole world back there, full of original art, cool buildings, and major personality. An alley is what most of the backs of houses look onto, and its not intended to impress. It's a secret place. A fringe land. 

 In Tofino, a wild and wet little town on Canada's west coast where I lived for a few years, there used to be a place called the Alley Way Cafe. You'd find the cafe at the end of the passageway to the bank. You could either dine outside on tables made of driftwood, or inside the ramshackle purple building that was part trailer, part bus.
Annex alley art, detail. 
The owners have long since packed up and left town, and I'm not ashamed to say that it broke my heart a little bit when they did. I wouldn't exactly give up my future firstborn for another taste of Alley Way Eggs, but I don't think I'd totally reject the idea either. 
Next time you have the chance, get off the main street and check out what's behind there. You might be happy you did.

"Street animals," alleyway, Lithuania.

Have an inspired weekend, guys, and I'll see you back here on Monday for a new story. 


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  1. Cool pictures...What stories these pictures will say? Just wondering....