A Tire Swing Story is a bite-sized "imagining" inspired by an object I discover while wandering. It could be a curbside trash gem or a message sprayed on a wall. A lost mitten, or an antique store find. Anything goes. I photograph the object and post them together, the story and its inspiration. There will be a new story every Monday and Wednesday. On Fridays, I'll discuss writing, life, love, and coffee. (In no particular order and maybe all at once.)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Casual Fridays: The writing on the wall.

Hi guys, it's Britt. 

I'm heading to a "development workshop" today hosted by the Writer's Union of Canada, called  Secure Footing In A Changing Literary Landscape. I'm excited about it. I'm also a bit nervous about the whole "networking" thing. The idea of us participants sitting down together for lunch does have me regressing to my high school days and hoping that the "cool kids" will want to talk to me.

Before I go, I thought I'd share a few things with you. I do a lot of walking while looking for material for Tire Swing Stories and along the way, I've come across some interesting statements written on walls, from the silly to the sublime. So without further ado, I give you...

Yeah. Don't know what that last one's about.

If you guys have any wall-writing you've discovered in your travels and would like to share, send it my way and I'd be happy to post it up!

Have an inspired weekend, everyone, and I'll see you back here on Monday for a new story.

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  1. Thanks Britt, "Everyone gona love today" I'm taking that with me.
    Have a great time at your workshop, you are amazing, you will bedazzle them.