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Friday, March 18, 2011

Casual Fridays: Life is short.

"Vegan Love" cupcakes by The Sassy Lamb
Hi guys. It's Britt. I need to rant a little bit today. 

Ask anyone who has ever lost a loved one if they feel like they got enough time with them. The answer is no. Of course the answer is no. Life is short. And in my opinion (here's where the rant comes in), life is too damn short to: 

1. Not be kind.

2. To stay in a relationship, job, living situation, friendship, or mental state that doesn't work for you. 

3. To not eat carbs. (A word on this: My Gramma spent her entire life on a diet. Even when she was ninety years old, she'd still refrain from eating too large a slice of cake. "Just a sliver," she'd say. I believe in taking care of my body, and I do strive for balance. But now and again, we've got to treat ourselves. And if I make it to ninety, I'm going to eat cupcakes every day.)

4. To save our good underwear, nice clothes, or fancy dishes. We deserve to use and enjoy beautiful things now.

5. To be addicted to anything.

6. To be insecure about our big butts, our wobbly thighs, our gravity-susceptible breasts. To obsess about a too-large nose, crooked teeth, or a receding hairline, and to let any of these things stop us from loving liberally

I'm not very good at this. I forget. I worry about things that don't matter. But when life gives us reminders: a staggering sunset, the death of someone dear to us, or a heart-wrenching natural disaster, it's a call to remember that life is short. 

So that's why I had to try and get it down today. To help me keep things in perspective. To keep it real.What do you think? What are some things you need to remember?

Hold each other tight this weekend, story-makers. See you back here on Monday. 


  1. We all need reminders like this. We watch the news and that alone should should remind us each day to hold each other closer, and yet it is so easy to lose sight sometimes of what is important.
    Thanks Brittany.

  2. I'm not good at it either Britt. I stay mad.....but I'm working on being better for all the reasons you mentioned and more. Thanks for the reminder and for all your posts.....always lovely, funny or thought provoking....I look forward to all of them.