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Friday, January 13, 2012

Casual Fridays: These are the people in your neighbourhood

Hi guys. It's Britt. 
Last night I was on the subway heading home and the man beside me was eating tuna. My first thought was: "Buddy, I don't want to smell that."
But though it was annoying, and maybe a little rude, he really did have every right to gobble that fish. This got me thinking about neighbours. 

In the apartment building where I currently live, there's this one guy who likes to host "karaoke parties." Seriously. He gets a group of people together and they take turns singing into a microphone ALL NIGHT LONG.

Then there was this one place where I could hear the couple next door arguing. I remember lying awake trying to figure out what they were fighting about and whose side I was on.

We build houses with fences and tell ourselves we have "personal space." 
But there's always that neighbour's tree dropping leaves onto our yard, that t.v. left on, that baby crying into the night.

Personal space is an illusion. We're all mixed up in a fascinating, maddening human jumble.

What about you? What are some of the crazy, or perhaps wonderful, things your neighbours do?


  1. 30 years ago, when Greg and I got married, the woman who lived in the apt above us used to vacuum every single day at 6am. She used to go through our mail.(there was only 3 apts in the building) I tried so many times to get to know her, but she wasn't interested. I finally left a chocolate cake on her doorstep. Nope. that stayed there... it was quite sad. And yet another neighbour from when our daughter was firstborn, realized that my daughter had her days and nights mixed up (she was only 3 days old). She so wonderfully offered to take her one day and try and keep her awake to get her into some schedule, so I could at least get one or two hours of sleep. I still keep in touch with that woman and love her for that.

    1. I love this, Gramma Sue. I can't help but wonder why this woman had to vacuum every day at 6 am!
      Too bad about the chocolate cake, too. What a waste. Glad also to hear that you had a lovely neighbour after that.

  2. It seems more rare to have known a really awesome neighbour, I wonder what past neighbours have thought about me? I know I've been the "fighting couple," I've also been the "karaoke queen," but, I've also been the, "I made more dinner then I can eat, so please won't you share," neighbour. Maybe people have good years and bad years or good days and bad days? I have a friend whose neighbour just keyed her car, they even admitted it! That's a bad year.