A Tire Swing Story is a bite-sized "imagining" inspired by an object I discover while wandering. It could be a curbside trash gem or a message sprayed on a wall. A lost mitten, or an antique store find. Anything goes. I photograph the object and post them together, the story and its inspiration. There will be a new story every Monday and Wednesday. On Fridays, I'll discuss writing, life, love, and coffee. (In no particular order and maybe all at once.)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Casual Fridays: Not Writing

Hi guys, it's Britt. 
I dunno if you noticed, but I didn't post a story this past Monday.
Here's the little convo that went on in my mind early Monday morning:

Britt 1: "All right, let's get cracking." 

Britt 2: "Forget it. You're tired and you won't write anything good anyway. And it's Thanksgiving and you deserve a break." 

Britt 1: "Well, okay. You're probably right."

Here's the thing about Britt 2. She's a liar. She tells me it would be easier not to write, and I believe her. 

But then, as the days pass and I'm still not writing, this is what I turn into: 

An old teacher of mine used to say: "know thyself." And here's what I've learned about my writing process. I need to write something every day. Even if it's a journal entry, or a rant, or a letter. Even if it's total crap.

What about you guys? What do you need to do regularly, or you'll turn into a little troll?

This Monday I'm going to post a story, folks. No matter what.

xo Britt

p.s. My nephew, Charlie. Isn't he great?

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